Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Around Our Campus

Selections from an October 1945 Said and Done.
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Muskegon Senior High school was erected in 1925 by the order of the Muskegon Board of Education. It was built on the property known as Deer Park and covered the area between Sanford St. and Jefferson St. and Southern Ave. and Grand Ave. At that time it also included the Muskegon Junior college, which moved to the Hackley School in 1934.
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The building consists of three stories, 37 classrooms, a library, two counsellors' offices, two conference rooms, an office, two gyms, a modern stage and auditorium, a Little Theater and a fine cafeteria. Through the halls you will see different statues and pictures given by different organizations. As you come in the front door, you will see a statue of Lincoln (by Lorado Taft) given by the Said and Done staff of 1928. On the third floor the is a place for posters and paintings.
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Hackley Gymnasium was built in 1901 under the sponsorship of Charles Hackley. It is north east of the Muskegon Senior High School. Maybe some of you remember before the baskets were put in the locker rooms, when it was divided into sections with about 10 lockers each.
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As everyone should know by now, Wilson Field borders Hackley Stadium on the north. The field was purchased by the Board of Education in 1921. It was given over to the Physical Education Department in 1923. Since that time it has been used for boys' and girls' outdoor classes. The field has also been a practice place for the high school baseball and football team.
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Remodeling of the Hackley Stadium has been carried on throughout the summer under the direction of Mr. George Hansen, maintenance man in charge of buildings. Although the work is not yet completed, a number of changes have been made. The ticket window now is located in the north end of the permanent stands, where two rooms have been made available for the ticket sellers and faculty managers. The men's room has also been moved to the north end of the stands with the former men's room added to the football players' locker room. A new fence that will probably cause some discussion has been placed along the Jefferson Street side of the field. A treatment of the turf on the field has been made. The scoreboard is to be painted before the first game, Sept. 21. Later the lower part of the stadium will be cemented , and an electric scoreboard will be installed.

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